For Service:

  • Arrive at church 15 minutes prior to the scheduled service.
  • Place the bulletins and offering plates at both entrances to the sanctuary (both are in usher's closet).
  • Turn sanctuary lights on (light board on east rear wall of sanctuary).
  • Check ceiling fans. Winter services, fan is on. Summer services, fan is off.
  • Greet people in the sanctuary and offer them a bulletin.
  • Close sanctuary doors when the service begins.
  • During the service, count attendance and record on CLIP BOARD hanging in usher's room.
  • Direct visitors as needed (bathrooms, fellowship, adult forum, daycare bathroom has a changing table, etc.)

For offering:

  • Pass plates beginning from the center aisle; skip a row since the 1st plate will be passed back in the second row.
  • When the sanctuary is in a 3-section set up, receive the offering from both aisles sharing the center section.
  • Present the offering plates during the offering response via center aisle to the pastor and return to the rear of he sanctuary.
  • At the conclusion of the service take the offering plates to the workroom and place in finance cabinet.

On Communion Sundays:

  • Usher people from the center aisle forward to the alter, starting with the left side.

Following the Service:

  • Pick up bulletins left on chairs or the floor.
  • Replace hymnals to shelves under chairs.
  • If the offering plates have not been removed from the altar, take them to the workroom and put money in the bank bag in the Finance mailbox.
  • Turn off lights after 2nd service.