St Marks History

Because there was a need and because there was a dream, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church was born. St. Mark’s was a mission congregation of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church. Land was purchased in 1952 in the expanding southwest part of Sioux Falls. With the generous support of Augustana Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls and the other Swedish-background churches of the Sioux Falls District, St. Mark’s embarked upon its ministry.


The congregation’s organizational meeting was held on November 29, 1954. Its first pastor was the Reverend Dallas Young. Worship services were held in the chapel of Bethany Lutheran Home until the church’s first unit was completed in 1958. St. Mark’s joined the other churches of the Sioux Falls District as a part-owner of Bethany Home.

In 1962, St. Mark’s became part of the newly merged Lutheran Church in America. In 1975, the congregation constructed its distinctive pyramid-shaped sanctuary and expanded its Sunday School, office, and lower-level space. In 1988, St. Mark’s became part of the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

new addition

In September 2000, the church dedicated its latest building addition. On October 30 & 31, 2004, St. Mark’s celebrated its 50th anniversary with all six of its former pastors present. St. Mark’s hosted a Sudanese congregation from 2000 to 2010.

St. Mark’s continues to flourish under the leadership of Pastor Lori Hope and be known as a vibrant, open, mission-minded, and welcoming congregation.